I’m Nathan Barnhart!
I'm a UX designer
with extensive experience
in spatial design.

I have a passion for combining my backgrounds in Architecture and Human-Computer Interaction to create unique and immersive experiences.

  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Design


iPad app screen


A problem-solving framework that helps
astronauts on deep space missions to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

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A mobile phone app user interface

My Match

A web app that helps people
find the perfect pet to adopt.

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A scene from a VR game

Ready, Set, Fence!

The initial steps of creating an adventurous VR experience based on the motion system of sport fencing.

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About Me

As an architectural designer I enjoyed creating VR experiences from 3D building models and sharing these immersive experiences with fellow designers and clients.

As I explored the technologies behind VR, I discovered the field of UX design.

The core values of user-centered research and design, along with a systematic approach to taming ambiguous challenges resonated with my experience in architectural design.

My explorations eventually led me to the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University.

My work in UX design allows me to build on the skills and methods I’ve used during my 9 years in architectural design and offers me the opportunity to work with the tools and technologies that I find so exciting!

I’m a systematic thinker with an eye for detail.

I love delving into ambiguous and complex challenges to discover clear paths forward.

I’m a flexible team member who enjoys both collaborating with others and working independently.

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